Survivor- China immunity idol
Survivor Gameplay
Description Keeps contestants safe from being
voted out of their tribe.

Immunity is when a tribe, group of people, or individual is safe from being voted out or attending tribal council all together. 


In each season of Survivor, for the beginning stage of the game (pre-merge) a number of tribes fight for the immunity idol which keeps them safe from attending tribal council all together. This is not to be confused with the hidden immunity idol, which has different powers and attributes on its own. Upon the merge, or sometimes in the pre-merge, individuals will begin fighting for individual immunity (which will find themselves in the form of a necklace). With individual immunity, the person cannot be voted out of the game for that episode.

Tribal Immunity IdolEdit

Every tribal council before the merge, in most cases, has a tribe attend that loses the tribal immunity challenge. If there are more than two tribes than sometimes one tribe may win and the other tribes may attend tribal council, but other times only one tribe may attend tribal council and multiple tribes will win a tribal immunity idol at the challenge. If only one member of a cast shows up in the tribal stage of the game, their tribe wins the tribal immunity idol by default. If a challenge results in a deadlock tie, both tribes draw rocks to determine which tribe will attend tribal council.

Individual Immunity NecklacesEdit

During the merge one individual has an opportunity to win immunity before attending tribal council. This is the only instance where persons holding immunity will attend tribal council and cast a vote against someone else. Sometimes both tribes may attend tribal council in the pre-merge phase and, as a result, each tribe fights for their own separate individual immunity necklaces. Sometimes individual immunity necklaces may see themselves in other parts of the game, such as the beginning of the game, as seen in Survivor: China.

Survivor: ChinaEdit

On Day 1, it was announced that one castaway from each tribe had the opportunity to gain an individual immunity necklace to be used at their first tribal council. Each tribe had a separate riddle which, if solved correctly, would grant that person the individual immunity necklace at the first challenge. At the Xiong Mao camp, Jette figured out the answer to their riddle was "Dragon", which was the English name for Long (meaning "Dragon" in Chinese). At the Long camp, no one figured out the answer to their riddle, so at the challenge they voted on a tribe leader. The tribe leader would receive the individual immunity, and Chris was the person to be voted the tribe leader.

By Day 6, both tribes had been to tribal council and therefore both immunity necklaces were used up.

Xiong Mao Individual Immunity
Long Individual Immunity

Hidden Immunity IdolEdit

The Main Article: Hidden Immunity Idol

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