Returning Players
Returning Players
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist that former players are brought
back to the game for another chance
against new players or other returning

Returning Players in Survivor offer the opportunity for former contestants to return for another shot at becoming the Sole Survivor.


The idea to have returning players in the game was always an idea that was going to be implemented, but the first season to feature Returning Players was Survivor: All-Stars. Many names and faces were considered for the first all-returnee season, but ultimately only eighteen could compete.


All-Stars seasons feature a cast comprised entirely of returning players. Survivor: All-Stars saw eighteen memorable players returning, split up on three different tribes of six. Erik Estrada ultimately won the season against Chris Blue in a 6-3 vote.

Returning Players (by season)Edit

Season Returned to Future Season
TongaLogo Jordan MaineLynette BarclayPruedence - Prue - Halliwell
Madagascar Logo ErikJordynMykel
Survivor Brazil Logo DavidRyanUnit
Survivor China Logo ChrisDanny S.Joey T.
Survivor Greece Logo Chris (blueu22)Jacob S. (BOBROCKS333)Steve B. (2Beastly)
Survivor Costa Rica Logo Jeff Garon (aimers)Katherine Royals (JosephinaAlexis)Rhys Rhode (AndThenThereWasOne)Paul Meier (Survivorgame1)
Survivor All-Stars Logo None
Survivor - Galapagos Logo -Serpiente- Josh Kelman


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