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Genre Reality Competition
Created by  LoganWorm
Starring Survivor Castaways
Country of Origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of Seasons 9
No. of Episodes 100
Original Run April 2013 - Present
Original Site Tengaged Groups
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The For the most recent season, see Survivor: Australia - The Outback.
LoganWorm's Survivor, also known as, LW's Survivor Series, or LoganWorm's Survivor Series, is an online version of the popular show Survivor. It follows mostly the same format as the show, but has some modifications to meet the online standard.

LoganWorm's Survivor began production and the series premiered on April 2013. The series was created and run by LoganWorm, hence the name of the series. As of the eighth and ninth seasons, a 50 T$ was awarded to the winner along with the title of the Sole Survivor.[1] Beginning with the tenth season, a $50 prize (equivalent to 750T$) was awarded to the winner along with the title of Sole Survvor, and the Runner-Up would win a $10 prize (equivalent to 150T$).[2] LoganWorm's Survivor is the only group game on Tengaged to currently have a cash prize.

LoganWorm's Survivor is well known and is best described as "the most real Survivor group on Tengaged".[3] The game is often praised by players for the features in the game such as the Survivor music, the way tribal councils are operated, the title sequences, and the edited episodes available for viewing after a season has ended. The group also has a Viewers Lounge which allows a certain amount of people to comment and see in-game confessionals and conversations. Another item which sets a part this group from many other groups is the expanded casting process which is made to select the best of the best.

Format and RulesEdit

The Main Article: Format and Rules of Survivor
The first season in the series of LoganWorm's Survivor followed the same general format as the American version of the television show, Survivor. Sixteen players are split into two "tribes" of eight. Challenges of the mind and of skill test the people and result in winning or losing "immunity". The tribe that loses a challenge is forced to attend "Tribal Council" where they must vote out a person from their tribe. When ten players are left the two tribes "merge" into one single tribe. "Immunity" then becomes individual and is won by only one person. Everyone attends tribal council and votes people off, even the individual immunity winner. In the merge the "jury" stage of the game is begun, where those who are voted out go to a "jury house" and they observe every tribal council after that. A final tribal council is held when only two remain and the jury of seven votes for a winner. The winner is given the title of Sole Survivor. However since many seasons have gone by, changes in the rules and formatting can happen from season to season.

Series OverviewEdit

Each competition is called a season, has a unique name, has between 12-18 episodes, and typically lasts between 9-30 real days, but always 39 virtual days. Two to eight seasons are filmed and broadcast each year from the Spring to the Fall. 

Regular Seasons:Edit

# Name Location Tribes Winner Runner-Up(s) Vote Notes
1 Survivor: Tonga Niuatiputapu, Tonga, Polynesia Two tribes of eight Jeff Formaggio Avery Flame 2-1
2 Survivor: Madagascar Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve, Sava Region, Madagascar Erik Estrada Jordyn Stick 3-3;
The first season with a tie at the final vote. 
3 Survivor: Brazil Jalapão, Tocantins, Brazil David Steel Unit Steel 2-1 The first and only season where a winner was revealed after season run without a reunion. The first season where someone was removed from the game due to an injury.
4 Survivor: China Zhelin Reservoir, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China Old Newz Joey Tortellini 4-3 The first season where there was a merge at nine. The first season where all jury members casted their vote.
5 Survivor: Greece Pindus National Park, Epirus, Greece Four tribes of four divided by attribute: "Brains" vs. "Brawns" vs. "Beauty" vs. "Balanced" Jodi Rollins Chris Blue Ranz Trackers 4-3-0 The first season to feature four starting tribes. Introduced the Hidden Immunity Idol. Featured the Underworld twist. The first season to feature a Final Three. The first season where no castaways quit or were medically evacuated.
6 Survivor: Costa Rica Tenorio Volcano National ParkArenal Tilaran, Costa Rica Two tribes of eight picked by two players, Jeff and Paul Jeremy "JB" Brady Rhys Rhode Destiny Marshall 3-3-1;
The first season to have tribes picked by castaways in the game.
7 Survivor: All-Stars Three tribes of six returning "All-Stars" Erik Estrada Chris Blue 6-3 The first season to have eighteen castaways. The first season to have returning players. The first season to feature three starting tribes. The first time a castaway, Erik Estrada, won a second title.
8 Survivor: Galapagos Floreana Island, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador Three tribes of six divided by age Bryant Blackwood Ethan Hanslo Nate Tyson 3-3-2;
The first season to have no Self-Votes. The first season to feature eighteen new castaways.
9 Survivor: Exile Island Two tribes of nine including two returning players Paul Meier Roman Vollos Ryan "RyJam" Hawk 3-3-2;
Featured Exile Island. The first season where new players went against returning players. The first season where there were two ties at the Final Tribal Council vote.
10 Survivor: Australia - The Outback Herbert River, Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia Two tribes of nine Jake Brothers Brady Johnson 4-2 N/A


This version of Survivor is shot in many different locations.

Continent Locations (season number)
Africa Madagascar (2)
Asia China (4)
Europe Greece (5)
North America Costa Rica (6 & 7)
Oceania Tonga (1), Australia (10)
South America Brazil (3), Galápagos Islands (8 & 9)

Awards and NominationsEdit

Date Awards Category Nominee Result


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