Zeus Title
Season Greece
Namesake Named after
the Greek God
of the Sky, Zeus.
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribes      Athena
Tribe Status Merged on
Day 18
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Julian (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Jodi (Winner)
Zeus Buff

Zeus was one of four original tribes competing in Survivor: Greece. They were labelled as the "Balanced" for their mixture of "Brains", "Brawns", and "Beauty". At the first stages in the game they shared a camp with Athena.

Their original members made it the furthest in the game (with three making the Final Six), but their switched members were the first tribe to be pagonged.



Chris (blueu22)Julian (TheSexiestDude)Jodi (JodiRollins)Steve B. (2Beastly)

Chris Blue
Julian Tadd
Jodi Rollins
Steve Beast


Riley (bigbrothermaniac)Andrew (Sosyomomma)Natalie (OhNatalie)Julian (TheSexiestDude)

Riley Bradson
Andrew Shank
Natalie Szajna
Julian Tadd

Switched (Post-Hades):Edit

Riley (bigbrothermaniac)Andrew (Sosyomomma)Natalie (OhNatalie)Jacob C. (minidude13)

Riley Bradson
Andrew Shank
Natalie Szajna
Jacob Conroy

Trivia (On Tribe & Members)Edit

  • Zeus is the first purple tribe.
  • Zeus, along with Aphrodite, are the only two tribes with the distinction of having one member of every other single rival tribe and its own tribe on the tribe after the switch in a season with four tribes.
  • However, Aphrodite holds this distinction after the Underworld twist, while Zeus doesn't since Jacob Conroy was originally a member of Athena.
  • Julian Tadd is the only original Zeus member to remain on Zeus.
    • Zeus was the only tribe he was ever on.
  • Jacob Conroy's tribe flag spelled "Zeus" incorrectly. He spelled it as "Zues".
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